Why We Celebrate Print

J Juneteenth represents the joy of freedom - the opportunity to begin anew.

U Unless we expose the truth about the African American slave experience, Americans won't truly be free.

N Never must we forget our ancestors' endurance of one of the worst slave experiences in human history.

E Every American has benefited from the wealth Blacks created through over 200 years of free labor, and Juneteenth allows us to acknowledge that debt.

T To encourage every former slave-holding state to follow Texas and Oklahoma's example to make Juneteenth a state holiday.

E Everyday in America, Blacks are reminded of the legacy of slavery.  Juneteenth counters that by reminding us of the promise of deliverance.

E Even on the journey to discover who we are, Juneteenth allows us to reflect on where we've been, where we are now and where we're going as people.

N "Never give up hope" is the legacy our enslaved ancestors left.  It was this legacy that produced black heroism in the Civil War and helped to launch the modern civil rights era.  It is this legacy we celebrate.

T To proclaim for all of the world to hear, that human rights must never again become subservient to property rights.

H History books have only recorded a small part of the story. Juneteenth give us opportunity to set the record straight.

Freedom is always worth celebrating!!!